The Importance of Color

Colour is another one of those elements of graphic design that is very important, to make an infographic easy to understand we must choose our color palette in an appropriate way.

The difference a color palette can make is amazing, especially in the world of infographics. The right palette can help organize an infographic, reinforce the topic and make things more clear. The wrong palette can turn a great topic into a nightmare for the eye, harm the image of the client, in this case the cv and convey the wrong message.

There are some tips before considering choosing a lot of colors for an infographic

The lack of colour with a hint of something strong and bright can be much more powerful than a rainbow of colours. A very common mistake is to use too many colors.colorpallets.jpg

Color palettes.

The rule of three, choose three primary colors. Of the three, for the background color the lightest should be the one, we will not use white as background in case the infographic is shared on  a website to avoid confusions. The other two should break up the different sections or elements of our infographic, years , information, etc. In case of using more than 3 colors we can use shades of one of the three chosen.

Examples of color palettes in branding. Blue and grey Oreo. Red and Beige, Coca-Cola.

There are some useful tools to use online like Adobe´s Kuler to create color palettes. Another way to choose color is to look at the nature , landscapes, trees, sea,sky,… or a photography related with the topic of the infographic.


Example of color palette based on a photography of landscape and other elements. 





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