Transforming information

One of the most helpful things to use when transforming information into graphics are pictograms, icons or signs. These elements are on our everyday life, we can find them at the train station, parks, airports and lots of public places.



One of the definition of pictogram is , “a picture or symbol standing for a word or a group of words” Some other definitions include that a pictogram is founded halfway a sign and an illustration.

A pictogram is a visual sign. Visual perception occupies at least 80% of our brains, it means that an infographic will help to be understood when those signs are clear. There are few factors when creating a sign, pictogram and sign, it could be the context, our  audience,location and clear interpretation.

We can say that signs, symbols, icons are created by people to make possible a quick and clear communication without language or words, in order to draw attention.



Examples of clear signs or universal symbols will help to create other icons or pictograms to inform about the content of my research and the CV.



Rayan Abdullah | Roger Hubner. Pictograms, Icons & Signs:A guide to Information graphics. 2006, Thames & Hudson



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