To get more information about the subject I interviewed a practitioner that has been in the industry long enough to see some of the changes that shaped the photography landscape.

Mark Kratovich, has been working as a photographer since 1988 and is currently photography lecturer at CATC Design School in Sydney.

Which is your favorite photographer?

Paolo reversi

 What do you think was the most important fact that affected the history of photography?

Transition from Film based photography to Digital photography

Since you started your career what has been the biggest change you’ve lived in your field?

The Transition from Film based photography to Digital photography

How design and photography are related?

Good design must be complemented with good, appropriate (ie. the same look and feel) photography. eg. Kinfolk magazine

Digital or film?

Digital & experiment with Polaroid/Alternative processes

Why did you choose photography as a visual medium in your career?

Connects with something deep within me

What is it that most attracts you of photography / design?

Where I am now: Simple style, ie. minimalism, lines, space, colour

What was the last photograph you took?

Bulding/Architecture IG Kratty12

Do you remember the first photograph you took, which camera did you use?

Pentax 35mm on Slide Film, on holidays, Family photo

When did you decided that you would like to work in the photography industry?

Year 1988, working full time as a scientific researcher, time to take a risk and move on…..

How do you see the photography industry in the next 5 years?

Very competitive with amazing photographers (just look at the calibre of some IG ‘hobby’ photographers!) These photographers will mainly occupy the Editorial Space.

High end Advertising photographers will solidly occupy their niche as their expertise requires many years of training and building connections, not just watching youtube videos…but…

CGI will make inroads as this technology becomes cheaper and easier to create final Ad campaigns

Video will become more dominant as NBN broadband speeds improve and computers become more powerful. More Advertising $ will be funneled into the video medium, eg. Youtube ads

Flixels for poster based campaigns?


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